Artist of the week - Lita Cabellut

New Artist of the Week - Lita Cabellut

Lita Cabellut (Spanish, born 1961) is a broad-focused artist who lives and works in The Hague. Her completed character as an artist in combination with her torrential force and extraordinary capacity, drives her artistic activities in multiple disciplines. Beyond her monumental paintings, her work includes an extraordinary touch for linguistics, sculptures, photography, installations, video and performance. She has also expanded to opera scenography in the creation of stage, custom and video design. It is Lita Cabellut’s central tenant of a guiding poetic sense that stirs all these multidisciplinary tools. Lita Cabellut is recognized as the third most valued Spanish artist and her works have been exhibited in numerous museums around the world. Over the years, Cabellut has developed a unique technique characterized by large-scale canvases that combine traditional fresco techniques and modern media applications. The central theme of the human and the societal messages that Lita Cabellut communicates in her work is primarily expressed through her defining monumental portraits. Lita Cabellut has been awarded National artist of the year 2021 by Stichting Kunstweek, The Netherlands.

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