Artist of the week - Willem van Weeghel

New Artist of the Week - Willem van Weeghel

Willem van Weeghel (Dutch, born 1956) Willem van Weeghel was born in 1956 in the city of Wageningen, the Netherlands. After high school he studied to become a fine arts teacher. For his graduation project he produced his first kinetic objects and after that, until today, he has continued working as a professional kinetic artist. 
In Van Weeghel’s work, movement is the central means of expression. He creates changing structures that appear to move in the transitional area between chaos and order, between variability and uniformity, between volatility and consistency. As a reconciliation of opposites.

During the Summer of 2021 SmithDavidson Gallery presents the Artist of the Week series. This week, August 12-18, we are excited to present the work of Dutch artist Willem van Weeghel.

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