“Inflorescene” by Zhuang Hong Yi

Erarta Museum in St. Petersburg in Russia.

22 January - 23 May 2021

We feel honored to start the new year with a special exhibition by the Dutch/Chinese artist Zhuang Hong Yi in Erarta Museum. Extraordinary three-dimensional paintings are crafted from delicate hand-cut pieces of painted rice paper, which the artist has bent and folded into hundreds of tiny buds. The exhibition will feature an impressive series of landscapes and flower beds. Each of Zhuang's works can be viewed as both sculpture and painting. The color variations that the artist manages to convey are fully revealed when the viewer begins to move relative to the works in space: the richness of the palette is amazing. 

Erarta Museum is the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia and represents a compulsory part of any program designed to explore the culture of St Petersburg or Russia. The museum opened its doors on September 30th in 2010 and ever since that day, something interesting has always been happening within its walls.

The museum collection currently consists of 2,800 works of contemporary art created by more than 300 artists from over 20 regions of Russia, which makes it the biggest Russian art museum that focuses on contemporary art in the entire country. Erarta Museum continually adds to its collection, which contains painting, graphics, sculpture, objects, installations and other forms of art and works with artists living in different regions of Russia, representing various generations and trends. St Petersburg Museum activities also include temporary exhibitions, publication of catalogues, guided tours and educational. 



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