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March 23rd - May 28th 2022

SmithDavidson Gallery presents the latest Solo exhibition by renowned Dutch artist Marie Cecile Thijs.

Following the artist's solo show in Miami over the Summer of 2021, The exhibition in Museum Freaylemaborg in the Fall of 2021 and the artist's inclusion of the 9th Beijing International Art Biennale, China in 2022, SDG presents a new highlight for the artist presenting works from the latest green scenes and also new and previously unreleased works!

In Marie Cecile Thijs’ latest series ‘Green Scenes’ she constitutes a clear new direction, working towards abstract images and experimenting with new techniques including moving images.
Imagine a parallel world where our planet has been transformed into a green sphere. A planet on which there is no place for human intervention. Society has adapted to this alternate reality where animals and plants have regained control, having conquered space and time. They have shaped this world, creating a symbiosis and becoming autonomous beings, establishing a consciousness similar to our own. A new world, in which human society is no longer the driving force.
In this exhibition, Marie Cecile Thijs presents her imagination of this alternate universe in spacetime with a whole new body of work. Iconic series including ‘Amazons’ and ‘Food Portraits’ will of course also be on view.

We look forward to welcome you to view the exhibition at Prinsengracht 570 until Saturday, May 28


Please note that gallery hours may vary leading up to and during Photo London, do not hesitate to call ahead.

For more information or to receive the online exhibition catalogue please contact the gallery team at

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