EXTENDED: SOUL by Ronald A. Westerhuis

September 3rd - November 15th 2020

For artist Ronald A. Westerhuis (Dutch, b. 1971) each sculpture represents a part of his artistic quest. Through days of working the steel, welding and many hours of polishing with his team of six people, the hard and robust stainless steel with which he invariably works is transformed into impressive abstract sculptures. Craft, planning, skill and willpower make the material unexpectedly intimate, glistening in the light.

The artist’s journey, who grew up in a family of sailors and eventually ended up in China after wandering through Europe and America for several years. As a contemporary nomad, he was always intrigued by the unknown, looking for a new challenge and a new vision. He never intended to become an artist, until Westerhuis started working as a welder on an oil rig and thus came into contact with the material he wanted to explore: stainless steel. In his spare time Westerhuis began to experiment with the material. He began to immerse himself more and more in stainless steel and was looking for new processes and techniques, until that stainless steel could tell his story.

Ronald A. Westerhuis's career has now spanned 20 years and his works can be found at iconic locations in the public domain. His public sculptures always demand attention; through size, the material and the communication with their surroundings. Works entitled "Self Reflection", "Ray of Light" and "Soul" indicate that these are more than solid blocks of stainless steel. The sculptures all create their own experience, play with the light in the space and draw the viewer in. Due to protrusions, distortions and fragmentation, the contrast between rough surfaces and high polished steel, the gaze also becomes fragmented, asking for reflection and quietude. This journey resulted also in"WE ARE GOD" a steel cathedral of 16 meters high presented at the Lowlands 2019 cultural festival.

The solo show SOUL by Ronald A. Westerhuis shows recent works by the artist, showing his skill in working with steel and his ability to reveal the variety of this robust material. From rough to highly polished surfaces and from large smooth faces to fragmented elements that result in an interplay of light and color.

SmithDavidson Gallery, founded in 1969 en with permanent locations in Amsterdam, Miami and Mexico City, presents the work of significant artists whose work has either defined or is expanding the parameters of the visual arts. SDG has exhibited works by Ronald A. Westerhuis for PAN Amsterdam and at Art Miami. SOUL is the first solo exhibition by Westerhuis in Amsterdam. Museum De Fundatie Zwolle, The Netherlands will open the new exhibition with works by Westerhuis in September 2020. Works by Ronald A. Westerhuis have been included in many public and private collections.

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