SOLO Marie Cecile Thijs

December 11th - January 10th 2020

Ten years ago, in 2009, Dutch artist Marie Cecile Thijs rattled the contemporary art world with her pioneering White Collar series, featuring both cats and children in an iconic Dutch 17th Century collar, works from which are now included in museums around the world including the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum.
Working as both a portrait and still-life photographer, over the past two decades Thijs has created multiple series in her signature minimalistic style. Appearing both historic and contemporary, this combination in her works exudes an aura of timelessness.
Throughout her varying series Marie Cecile Thijs consequently explores a central theme: in the ‘Food Portraits’ begun in 2012 the artist reexamines the traditional painted still-life, but she uses both acontemporary and surrealist approach. Thijs’ images - at times with humor, other times understated, and consistently with an eye for detail - are always uniquely recognisable.
The ‘Amazon’ series sees the woman as a powerful and autonomous creature, but also as young and lively characters, looking into the world with a youthful confidence.
In the most recent work ‘Green Series’ futuristic world mutations have taken place between plants, animals and technique, resulting in an organic symbioses. Marie Cecile Thijs shows us fantastical still-lifes from her imagined reality, a fusion between abstract and figurative elements, where nature takes back control over human society.

For the upcoming Solo exhibition SmithDavidson Gallery will focus on recent developments in Thijs’ work and on new and unseen works by the artist.
Work by Marie Cecile Thijs has been exhibited world wide, including recente exhibitions in Mexico City, Turin and Venice. Her work is included in public, museum and a wide array of private collections.

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