September 12th - October 5th 2019

Journey is the latest exhibition at SmithDavidson Gallery Amsterdam

In this show works from four national and international artist are brought together, each working in his own media, from photography to kinetic art.

The works by Zhuang Hong Yi are colorful and are a tell-tale of the artist’s journey from China to Europe. In the new “Body Mandalas” series by Fede Bianchi the Western Influence on Indigenous cultures is the driving force.

Dutch artist Frank van der Meijden meanwhile, keeps a watchful eye on contemporary Western culture and challenges us by making a journey through time. Van der Meijden brings together a range of cultural historical elements in a naive, sometimes childlike and always utterly recognisable manner.

All works also contain a meditative element, taking the viewer on an internal journey.
The kinetic works by Willem van Weeghel are mesmerizing.
Take a moment for contemplation!

The official opening is Thursday September 12, at Prinsengracht 570
The exhibition is on view until Sunday, October 5.

During the Spiegelkwartier Arts & Antiques weekend of September 28 - 29, artist Frank van der Meijden will feature in a Q & A with renowned Dutch speaker and stand up comedy actor Viggo Waas.
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