Topsy Fischer Napurrula

Topsy Fisher Napurrula lives in Nyirrpi, an Aboriginal Community 460 kilometers North West of Alice Springs, in the Central Desert of Australia. Topsy paints her Jukurrpa (Dreamings), which are associated with her country called Mawurrtji, north of Nyirrpi. Jukurrpa or Dreamings are stories about the spiritual ancestors of the Australian Aboriginals. They are believed to have created the world as we know it with mountains, waterholes, animals and plants. The Jukurrpa stories are the foundation of morality, religion and way of life of the Aboriginals in Australia.

Topsy's Jukurrpa belongs to all with the skinnames Napurrula, Nakamarra, Japurrula, and Jakamarra. The stories that Topsy paints are creation stories that are closely connected with her traditional country and that feature aspects of its landscape and animals. Topsy is widowed. She has one son and has several grandchildren.


2019 ‘Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art: A Curated Selection’, SmithDavidson Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2018 ‘East meets West', SmithDavidson Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008 ‘Yuendumu, Emerging Artists’, Better World Arts, Adelaide, Australia
2007 ‘Stocking', Artereal Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2007 ‘Vivid Visions, Warlpiri women from Yuendumu and yonder’, Cooe Aboriginal Art, Sydney, Australia
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2007 ‘Emerging’, Gallery Gondwana, Sydney, Australia

Born in *unknown* on November 30th, -0001

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