Simon Ma

Simon Ma is one of China’s most well known and internationally acclaimed artists. Born in Hong Kong in 1974, he spent his childhood learning the art of traditional Chinese painting. At the age of 7, he started to paint under the guidance of Master Fan Tzu Teng, one of the top 50 art maestro's in China. His teachings benefited Simon a great deal and enabled him to think about art at a young age. At the age of 11, Simon began his serious encounter with Music, Art and Design, the acronym of which is MAD. Jokingly Simon called himself Mr. MAD as these encompass his three artistic pursuits.

Two years later, at the age of 13 (!), Simon moved to London by himself, where he started experimenting with western art and design. He attended the University College of London, majoring in Architecture & Urban Planning. After obtaining his master’s degree, Simon headed for Shanghai and founded his own company - Ma.Design - dedicated to promoting art, design and lifestyle in China. Over the years, he has strived to appreciate art from the life perspective, tirelessly working on creative projects of large sculptures, architectural and interior designs and cross-cultural art, which have won him extensive acclaims.

Simon is passionate for life. He feels every delicate detail of everyday life and makes them become the source of his inspiration for artistic creation. He is a man of discipline, and his philosophy of relationship with people is based on sincerity and honesty. He loves music and even has his own band. Through the years, he has cooperated successfully as artistic designer with various major international brands, like Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari and Ducati, creating many limited edition art designs.

In Simon’s art, eastern and western techniques are blended into each other. His paintings have been collected by celebrities, foreign Consul Generals, hotels, corporate collections and many private collectors. His paintings and designs have been exhibited internationally, he has been appointed as the Art and Cultural Ambassador of United Nations and currently he is exhibiting his work during the Venice Biennale.


Selection of exhibitions of Simon Ma:

2013 'World of Flowers' Leslie Smith Gallery, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Miami
2013 - Venice Biennale
2012 - Exhibition Art Bubble Chair in Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Arts
2012 - Long Ma Exhibition at Italian Center of Shanghai Expo
2010 - Solo World Tour Exhibition ‘The Soul-Drago+Cavallo’, Shanghai-Beijing-Miami-Hong Kong
2009 - Dripping Art Exhibition, China
2008 - Art in Design World Tour Exhibition, China
2008 - Solo Colours Art Painting and Furniture Exhibition in Hong Kong 
2007 - COLORS II Art Exhibition at Shanghai Times Square
2007 ?- Speed of Art Exhibition at Shanghai Times Square 
2006 - Solo Exhibition ‘Colors’ Modern Art & Furniture at Shanghai Westin Hotel and Time Square
2005 - Solo Exhibition ‘Butterfly Dance’ Fusion Art and Furniture Exhibitions at the Thai Gallery and Shanghai Westin Hotel 
2002 - Solo Exhibition ‘Original Fusion Charity’ at Xintiandi, Shanghai 

Born in Hong Kong on August 21st, 1974

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