Mr. OneTeas

Anthony Alberti, also known as Mr. OneTeas, began his career as a street artist. He was an autodidact in graffiti and soon improved his skills by travelling and meeting new people who influenced his work. In the cities he travelled, he regularly left a permanent mark under the form of street art. Mr OneTeas slowly grew into reusing materials he found. In his present work he draws inspiration from his political, cultural and social surroundings. By using certain images and integrating contemporary topics in his art, he provides us with a critical, but nevertheless humorous vision on present-day society.

A remarkable part of his career is “The Wack Donalds Project”. This project began in 2011 when Mr. OneTeas merged the Mona Lisa with Ronald McDonald. Influenced by the documentary “Supersize me”, his work began to equate the ubiquity of the friendly clown in the imagination of children as something far more sinister than he originally thought. “Today we all are scared about terrorism, suspecting everybody around us, but no one is suspecting McDonalds to hurt us. We’ve been conditioned by it because we have grown up with it, and now if you’re looking at the Mc D restaurant world map, you will be surprised that they are everywhere.” Mr. OneTeas started this campaign in Prague and later continued it in New York with five more posters. But the New York campaign was just a small one. A 100 “Wack Donald” characters are waiting to pop up, each one chosen for special reasons for different countries.(

Another significant project of Mr. OneTeas is his work on the streets of Monaco. These streets are noted for their cleanliness, but have been taken over by Mr. OneTeas paint on the walls. Mr. OneTeas, lauded By prince Albert of Monaco, was part of a major exhibition of 500 artworks, ‘Birth of Presionism’ in the Exhibition Hall of the city.



Born in *unknown* in 1984

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