Mike Williams

Mike Williams was born between Kenmore Park and Ernabella on APY lands in south Australia. Mike's parents worked there in the bush, where they looked after sheep around BlackHill. His father's country is Tankunu, near Nyapari and his mother's country is Pipalyatjara. Mike has one sister Atipalku, who lives in Ernabella and paints at Ernabella Art Centre.

Mike grew up around Pukatja and he later worked at the cattle station at Kenmore park as a drover. Mike later pursued Christian studies and became a pastor. He switched courses thereafter and became a carpenter who built houses in Ernabella. Mike has a strong sense of culture and country; his knowledge of the country is vast. Mike is also a Ngangkari wati (traditional healer), who practices bush medicine.


Mike Williams participated in the folowing Group Exhibitions:

2010, Desert Mob, Araleum Gallery, Alice Springs NT, Australia
2011, Nganampa Paintingku Nyuwana, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

Born in Near Ernabella on November 30th, 1949

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