Marcel Pinas

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Kuku (Kitchen)

Mixed media on wood
250 x 250 cm
(98.4 x 98.4 in)


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Kuku shows how Maroon women traditionally set out their kitchen utensils, both as a way of decorating their homes and to show off their possesions to visitors. By displayin their wealth in this way, the women revealed what they considered important and attractive and showcased their culture. Kuku is chiefly intended to convey their pride in that culture. Marcel Pinas regards the cultural heritage as a major factor in the restoration of self-confidence, so badly damaged during the civil war.

The first version of Kuku was created in 2005, in Moengo, Surinam, Pinas has created a large wall installation, stretching almost 100 meters as part of an ongoing school project.

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