Luc Dratwa

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Luc Dratwa was born in 1958, and currently he resides in Brussels, Belgium. This autodidact who was editor of the magazine of design and architecture "Domino", has always had a passion for the arts. He enjoyed painting as a young man, but later turned to photography, a process he describes as finding his vocation. However, he enjoys playing the confusion between painting and photography, for example with compositions which are always very graphic.??To exhibit is to expose himself. It is for this reason that he waited many years before the plunge, when he finally managed to approach the rigor and quality he was looking for so long. For him, every subject he tackles is as much a story on photo paper as it is a simple photographic work. Since 2009, the city is his favorite subject, New York particularly for its multifaceted that he manages to present as never was done.?His influences come from his experience but also his admiration for some photographers like Meyerovitch, Desiree Dolron or Saul Leiter, who photographed the streets of New York with an art of the moment and stolen instant. Streets ?In the continuity of Windows and Subways, Streets is an elaborate artistic approach to sublimate cityscapes with resolutely modern aspects. Luc Dratwa reveals the energy of urban everyday life. These facades, the doors, the windows and the streets acquire a power that the eye of the quidam did not suspect. Verticality and horizontality give rhythm to a strangely quiet scene where all visual references are reassuring. Raw and cold materials, plus touches of colors carefully chosen, reveal a disconcerting clarity and perfection in these views of streets nevertheless very real. With Streets, Luc Dratwa combines perfection (photo) graphic and technological revolution. Luc Dratwa 2.0?In this new series, Luc Dratwa operates a real turning in adding a technological innovation to his creations. Augmented reality, accumulated technology and a perfect control allow the photographer to take up an unexpected challenge: fix two scenes in one. A completely innovative concept which upsets standards of photography. When Hi-Tech and contemporary art become one, the result is explosive. An innovative concept. Behind the scene?Behind smooth, wise and polished images of New York's facades, a completely different reality reveals a moment of privacy. Anyone can see the first photograph may not entail access to behind the scenes… The discovery of the hidden face requires the use of a sesame: a Smartphone, Iphone, Android, or a tablet. The work is immediately recognized and gives a whole new dimension. The photograph comes alive and actors come on stage. When a work conceals an other one, curious eye has fun to collect evidences disseminated, presages of what it is played inside. Then, initiates a dialogue between the two parts, an invitation to dream in which aesthetics, subversive and phantasm are intermingled. Of those paradoxes emerges a disturbing, mesmerizing and obvious poetry. Behind a facade ... life.


2015 Global Contemporary Art Exhibition, SmithDavidson Gallery (LSG), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014 Art Miami, Leslie Smith Gallery (SDG), Miami, USA
2014 PAN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2014 Lille Art Up, Lille
2014 Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong
2014 Brussels Art Fair, Brussels
2014 Art India New Delhi, India
2014 U.S. Embassy, Brussels, Belgium
2013 Singapore Art Fair, Singapore
2013 Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong
2013 Kasia Kay Art Project, Chicago, USA
2013 Off Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium
2013 New Art Fair, Paris, France
2012 Brussels Fotofever, Brussels, Belgium
2012 Art Paris Art Fair, Paris, France
2011 Art Elysées Art Fair, Paris, France
2010 Filigrane librairie, Brussels, Belgium
2010 Paris Cutlog Fair, Paris, France
2009 Artcurial Paris "les Ecoles de l’Espoir”, Paris, France
2009 Brussel Art Accesible Fair, Brussels, Belgium

Permanent exhibition

Eeklo Musuem | Belgium Jewish Museum of Belgium | Brussels

Born in Charlerois on November 30th, -0001

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