Lola Brown Nampitjinpa

Pikilyi Tjukurrpa (Vaughan Springs Dreaming) #470

Acrylic on canvas
122 x 61 cm
(48 x 24 in)

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Pikilyi (Vaughan Springs) is a large and important waterhole and natural spring near Mount Doreen Station. In this painting, Lola tells the story of two rainbow serpents, ancestral beings that lived at these springs as man and wife. They were the ‘Kirda’, or ceremonial owners of the region. The woman serpent was of the Napanangka skin group, the man was a Tjapangati. This was a taboo relationship, contrary to Warlpiri religious law. In the Dreamtime, Napanangka and Napangati women sat by these two serpents, picking lice of them. For this service, the two serpents allowed the women to take water from the springs.The Aboriginals believe that the spirits of these two divine rainbow serpents still live at Pikilyi today.

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