Giuseppe Linardi


Giuseppe Linardi

(Argentina, born 1971)

by Simona Clementoni


Giuseppe Linardi was born in Buenos Aires in 1971. Very young he moved to Follonica, in Tuscany, where he lives and works. He attended the Art School of Grosseto and graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Florence. Although the first phase of the artist’s work was devoted to Hyperrealism, his style has developed into a more spontaneous manner, passing through various techniques and subjects: from still lifes and landscapes to large hyperrealistic portraits, from dripping painting techniques to sculptures and installations.

In recent years, fully convinced that every idea should be developed through appropriate means, the artist has been carrying out various projects, always moving on the border between abstraction and figuration.

Artwork and technique
Today, “decoding” is the keyword for the artist’s pictorial work. The images he painted in the past, trying to make them as real as possible, almost palpable, are now dissected, dismembered and reduced to the limit of figuration. That painting, so perfect, carried out in an almost maniacal way, now explodes and shatters into brushstrokes. These signs of schizophrenia, called “codes” by the artist himself (hence the name “decoding” given to his technique), are the constitutive elements of his new artistic research. It is a painting technique which allows him to paint more freely than in the past, when he sticked to the rules of academic hyperrealistic painting. His present technique is the result of long-term research, experimentation on subjects, deconstruction and reconstruction of images.

All the images he paints with this technique require a deep reading skills, a visual effort that is rewarded by the discovery of the subject, which is slowly revealed and continuously enriched with new details. Giuseppe Linardi artworks are a not-to-be-missed optical experience. His bright canvases are sources of optical sensations as disconcerting as magic-eye pictures or interactive screens.

In front of his paintings the viewers get mesmerized by the decoding of the signs that take them back to the chaos of certain aspects of daily lives. The artist’s clever pigment manipulation transforms static images into vibrant animations which become metaphors for the intricate design of the universe.


2017 “MODERN MASTERS, SmithDavidson Gallery, Miami, USA

2011 ” D – JUNGLE”(SOLO) Pinacoteca Civica, Follonica (GR), curated by Ivan Quaroni, Mauro Papa,

2007 “DECODIFICAZIONI” The Church of Suffrage, Carrara (SOLO)

2015 “TOYS” 56th LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA National Partecipation: GRENADA, Officina delle Zattere, Sala Tiziano

2014 “IL RITRATTO-PUNTI DI VISTA” I Salotti di Piazza Alberica, by Silvia Nonaizzi

2014 “UNTITLED” Blu Corner, Carrara

2011 “TARTARUGHE NINJA” Palazzo Grifoni, San Miniato (PI), by Ivan Quaroni

2011 “ARTE ACCESSIBILE MILANO”Eventiquattro Space, Milan

Refectory’ s former Capuchin Convent, Chiavenna, by Anna Caterina Bellati

Church of Suffrage, Carrara, by Angelo Capasso

Side event at the 52nd Biennale Venezia, Venezia
Edited by Paolo De Grandis, Marina Cavallarin, Boris Brollo

2007 “OUT” Monumental complex of Santa Caterina, Finalborgo (SV), by Fuoriarte

2006 “OPEN” 9th edition of ‘International Exhibition of sculpture and installation, Lido di Venezia, by Paolo De Grandis 

2005 “SENZA LAVORO LAVORO SENZA” Ex Ospedale San Giacomo, Carrara, by Angelo Capasso

Born in Buenos Aires on November 30th, -0001

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