Ingo Arndt

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Ingo Arndt 

(German, born 1968) 

Ingo Arndt was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. From early childhood, he spent every single minute of his spare time outdoors in nature. Soon he realised that photography was a useful tool in environmental protection, so, after finishing school in 1992, Ingo plunged into the adventurous life of a professional photographer. Since then, he has travelled around the globe for extended periods as a freelance wildlife photographer, photographing reports in which he portrays animals and their habitats. In the past few years he has been mainly on assignment for GEO and National Geographic Magazine. With his images, Ingo wants to stimulate and increase the awareness of his viewing audience and show them the magnificence of nature.

Ingo’s photographs are mainly published in international magazines including GEO, National Geographic, Terra Mater and BBC Wildlife.

For his photography Ingo has received numerous awards. Several of his images were winners of the „Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition“ and the „GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year“. His picture stories „Animal Feet“ and “The Pumas of Patagonia” received an „World Press Photo Award“. In 2006 Ingo received the „German Award for Science Photography“. 2008 and 2012 he won the „GDT Fritz Poelking Award“. In 2014 Ingo received the Correll Book Award from the University of Main and in 2016 he was awarded the title “King of Photography” at the Power of the Image Exhibition in Datong, China.

Animal Masses Series

Why do animals collect in masses? This question is at the heart of Ingo Arndt's project dealing with ANIMAL MASSES. Every year, millions upon millions of animals gather together all over the world. They collect in order to spend the winter together, to mate, to migrate in a community or to occupy new habitats. Some animals can only exist in masses, in effect forming SUPER-ORGANISMS.

Since Ingo started this project in 2007 he continues with taking pictures of animal masses, captured by their visual impact of ever changing formations. It is his lifetime project. Trips lasting weeks and months took him to the various species. The greatest animal spectacles our planet has to offer, take place where animals collect into masses. In ANIMAL MASSES, he presents the subject of animal gatherings in a complexity that has never been shown before.


2022 Awarded three times in the Siena International Photo Awards, Siena, Italy

2022 Photo London, SmithDavidson Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2022 KunstRai, SmithDavidson Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2021 Art Miami, SmithDavidson Gallery, Miami, United States

2021 PAN,  SmithDavidson Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Born in Frankfurt am Main on November 30th, 1967

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