Federico Bianchi Fede

Federico Bianchi

(Argentina, born 1974)

Federico Bianchi was born in Buenos Aires in 1974 into a family (on his mother’s side) of amateur engravers and painters. Following the musical inclinations of his father’s family -and in parallel to his other activities-, Bianchi was also a precocious bassist, guitarist and singer. He trained in audiovisual techniques and ended up specializing in video which offers a unique convergence between the rhythms and textures of sound and the fascinating principles of pre-narrative, image composition: the endless combinations of different balances, equilibriums and symmetries. From that moment Bianchi became interested in contemplating and recreating abstract shapes which lie latent in life itself but remain invisible to the naked eye, trapped as it by the vertigo of day-to-day life.

Artwork and technique
For over a decade Bianchi led a successful career producing, directing and in multimedia consulting. He has received many awards in the field of broadcast TV and corporate communications, an Emmy award on them. His initiation to non-linear editing systems revealed the dazzling possibilities of image manipulation. 

But it was his participation in a documentary on Argentine photographer Aldo Sessa which triggered the start of his own journey as a visual artist. Having followed photography courses before, resuming contact with Sessa’s prodigious eye was a milestone for Bianchi, particularly in lesser-known, more abstract photographs, which reveal his masterly handling of light and his plastic quality.

While creating his own language through the eye of the camera and transforming our view of the world, Federico brings together multiple ways of learning how to look and poses a key invitation to the viewer: learn to see the unseen in that which is visible.


"We are part of an immeasurable whole. We live on a planet adrift like a blood cell floating along an incomprehensible stream; a deep and transformative thought that touches everything. From the atomic to the interstellar, the simple notion of our chaotic existence, leads me to seek the unity of our disintegrated self.

Our vulnerable human condition is so fragmented and ridden with anxiety that often we need to reform and return to our center with energetic and purified balance. In order to heal myself of this anxiety I create contemplative pieces evoking unity and the infinite”. Bianchi uses the matrix of the female body as a brush. For him the feminine form stands for creation, transformation, beauty and harmony. He calls his works “body mandalas”. These body mandalas capture the dance of light and movement in archetypal geometries; they summarize the image of the universe and give a mystical sense of oneness. They infuse a strong connection with life’s sacred geometry. This vision and artistic representation of Bianchi’s inner state, is complemented by the viewer’s own interpretation of each piece. “The act of creation is limitless”.



Selected Exhibitions 

2021 Eternal Beauty, SmithDavidson Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2020 Zona Maco Foto, SmithDavidson Gallery, Mexico-City, Mexico

2019 Cabo Art Week, SmithDavidson Gallery, Miami, USA

2019 Art New York, SmithDavidson Gallery, Miami, USA

2018 Zona Maco Foto, SmithDavidson Gallery, Mexico-City, Mexico

2018 Art New York, USA

2018 KunstRai, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2018 Art Palm Beach, USA

2017 Art Miami, USA

2017 PAN Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2017 Zona Maco Foto, SmithDavidson Gallery, Mexico-City, Mexico

2017 Solo Exhibition “Body Mandalas” CANVAS, Arts. & Entertainment District, Miami, FL, USA

2017 “Positive-Negative”, Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Fort Myers,FL, USA

2016 “The Full Spectrum” NVAL International Juried Photography Show Redding, CA, USA

2015 “Hope”, Spectrum Art Show, Miami, FL, USA

2014  Solo  Exhibition “Body Mandalas” Brockway Memorial Library Fine Arts Commission of Miami Shores,  Miami, USA


Emmy Award
Winner Best Documentary, The Chinese Miracle, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Miami, FL, USA

Born in Buenos Aires on November 30th, -0001

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