Esther Giles Nampitjinpa

Untitled #461

Acrylic on canvas
151 x 46 cm
(59.4 x 18.1 in)


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This painting depicts the symbols and designs that relate to women’s ‘Tingari’ ceremony. The ‘Tingari’, for both men and women, is secret information shared only by the most senior tribal members. The Tingari were a group of ancestral men and women who travelled the central desert region during the dreamtime, the time of creation, and conducted sacred ceremonies, creating the landscape. The Aboriginals see the evidence of their existence in particular rock formations and waterholes. The women also had their own ceremonies. These established tribal rites that would become the foundations of initiations. The linear patterns depict features of the landscape such as rocky outcrops and sand dunes. The U-shapes in the piece represent women figures gathering between the sand dunes for ceremony.

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