Esther Giles Nampitjinpa

Untitled #459

Acrylic on canvas
182 x 243 cm
(71.7 x 95.7 in)

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This painting depicts the activities associated with a location known as 'Pangkupirri'. This site is located near Esther's homeland near Tjukurrla on the borders of Northern Territory and Western Australia. The symbols or icons are associated with the activities that took place here during the Dreamtime. Bush foods, or 'mai' were prepared during ceremonial rituals and are depicted by the central icon. The mythological serpent 'wanampi' believed to have created all sources of water is depicted by the curving lines flowing from the central icon.

The representations of landforms such as such as puli (rocky outcrops) or 'tali' (sandy landscape, depicted by the parallel lines) is associated with the physical and spiritual connection to the earth and can be seen in decoration such as body scarifying, ground designs and incised wooden implements. 

Site: Monkey Rep