Between Heaven and Earth

September 30th - January 20th 2019

In the exhibition Marie Cécile Thijs (1964) 'Between Heaven and Earth' at Museum Jan Cunen in Oss (The Netherlands) gives the photographer an insight in her world where time and space gets blurred. The world of Marie Cécile Thijs is feels like a fairytale with floating vases, lifelike unicorns, angel-like creatures and other magical scenes. Time is non-existent in her work, it's raining chickpeas. Portraits become stillifes and stillifes become portraits. In her own words: ''Like a paralel world where objects are taking on a life of its own and get a new meaning. We look at them, but see another reality.''

Looking at her work we start to think: Is there more between Heaven and Earth?

Do not miss this interesting exhibition. 

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