Chocolate - Marc Lagrange

January 25th - February 25th 2018

Coming soon to Amsterdam & Miami




As of the late 1980’s Marc Lagrange devoted his life and work to the medium of photography and especially, as all who worked with him or followed his career closely know, his true passion, analog photography. As of the early 1990’s he started to work intensively with Polaroid. As a result his nudes, or portraits, as he would prefer to call them, found a more intense, more touching, more human look. The surface of these Polaroids and the longer exposure, inherent to this technique, resulted in a deep and personal aesthetic quality. The Polaroid eventually became his signature trademark. ‘Photos are taken by photographers not by cameras’ was his saying and within this series of never before published work one can easily discern his particular photographic style and his quest to bring beauty to his images and emotion to his audience. 

The immediate image of the Polaroid Chocolate film became very important for Marc. Like many photographers did at the time, he used the immediacy of the peel apart- films for test snapshots of a scene but he quickly started using it as a real medium. Polaroid 100 Chocolate film is one of the rarest films Polaroid ever made. Because of its unique process it produces images starkly different from any other Polaroid film. The black and white/color cross-process method produces chocolate brown images with a warm texture and other special characteristic, chocolate brown, but cooler in tone than sepia, with unusual suppressed highlights not unlike 19th Century albumen prints.

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